Monday, July 18, 2011

J-POP : Namie Amuro Top 10

My first J-Pop and Asian Pop post will be for one of my favorite artists and one of the biggest artists in Japan: Namie Amuro!

She somewhat resembles this friend of mine; both girls look 10+ years younger than they actually are. lol.

Her music can be best described as "hip-pop". And her first name is pronounced "nah-me-eh" and not "nah-mee" or "nuh-me-ah" as I previously thought. =P

How I discovered her music: When I first started listening to J-Pop on Pandora Radio, I heard A LOT of songs that I liked from her. For a brief period of time, I confused her songs with Meisa Kuroki's, especially "So Crazy" and "Alarm". However, their voices sound nothing alike in most other songs.

Interesting Facts:
  • Her music 2003-present is completely different from her music 1995-2000.
  • She's 1/4th Italian.
  • She's tanned for a j-pop artist.

DJ PJ's Namie Amuro Top 10 (2003-2011)

#10. Put 'Em Up (2003)

Love the beats; they feel so early-2000's.

#9. No pt. 2 (2005)

A "hidden" track. Although this song is from 2005, it reminds me of late 90's slow songs.

#8. I Wanna Show You My Love (2005)

I couldn't find on YouTube. Live performance here:

Sounds a bit different from the original, but the performance is awesome. Like "Put 'Em Up", the beats also feel so "early 2000's".

#7. Copy That (2009)

This is the only version I could find on YouTube, and it's just the chorus.

I really love the arrangement and rhythm of the vocals.

#6. Defend Love (2009)


I didn't even know this song had a music video, let alone an animated one. The bassline makes me think of 80's action movies. lol.

#5. What a Feeling (2008)

A more "dancey" song from Namie.

#4. Hide & Seek (2007)

voice filter + marching band instruments + synthesizers = good

Also, how do you dance in those heels?

#3. My Love (2009)

Unfortunately, this clip only has the chorus but fortunately, that's my favorite part of the song.

When I first heard this song and its chorus harmony, the song instantly became one of my fave's.

Here's the full song tied with an "interesting" promo for hair products:

#2. Do Me More (2008)

Another "interesting" hair product promo. The beats and bassline is what really did it for me with this song. I also really like the pre-chorus.

#1. Unusual (2011)

A collab w\ Yamapi. The MV is here:

This is probably my favorite song more so b\c it's new and b\c I've been dying for a new song from her for two years!

In America, this song could be a hit on the radio (that is, if Asian people were allowed on the radio, lol).

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed her music and reading this. Also note, it was a pain to put this together as most of her music is banned on YouTube by her label.

"This tastes like metal." -Namie Amuro