Monday, July 4, 2011

YouTube Promoted Videos vs Google AdWords

Both are paid ways to promote your series. Both are ran by Google. The former I found extremely useful while the latter, not so much.

YouTube Promoted Videos

Heh, I don't really feel like explaining everything about it. Just watch this video:

If you didn't watch it, then briefly, what it is is they display your video at the side of YouTube search results, and you pay for views. At first, that sounds freaking crazy to pay for views. BUT...

  1. It's like your video is appearing at top of search results.
  2. Depending on your keywords, you can get away with paying only 1 cent per view.
And the great thing about it is you're getting people who voluntarily click your video and have a sincere interest to watch your video.

Also, you can set daily budget limits. So you don't have to worry about signing up, suddenly getting 100 million views and then owing YouTube $1 million dollars. lol.

My daily budget = $1.

Google AdWords

They will display your ad next to Google search results and other Google services (like Gmail). The visitor gets sent to a website address of your choice which is cool as you can create your ideal landing page. However, the ads are text-based and not video thumbnails like YouTube Promoted Videos.

So I tried this, and it like... doesn't work. lol.

I setup the same keywords as I did for YouTube, but my ads don't show because they're "Below first page bid":

The "easy" fix is just to increase your bid, but check out those estimates: $1.00, $2.00! I'm not paying that much money for each single view when I could eat at McDonald's instead.

The "hard" fix is to improve your "Ad Rank" as explained so:

But then I clicked the sub-topics, and my brain exploded. So much material to absorb; when am I going to have the time to do all that stuff ? Yet, I have time to complain about it all in this blog, lol.

I do understand some of my keywords not being entirely relevant, but this one really got to me:

Keyword relevance is "Poor" for "street racing" although my show is about "street racing". The name of my show is "Adrenaline - Street Racing".

I'm sure Google wants me to optimize my site somehow so that their algorithm can figure out my series is truly about "street racing" but... that takes time.

Additionally, I tried Googling some of my keywords and NO ONE'S ADS are showing! I don't understand why I have to bid $1.00-$2.00 to show my ad when nothing is there.


The conclusions you can make (other than that I complain too much) is that:
  1. YouTube Promoted Videos is a totally cheap, easy, and fast way to promote your series.
  2. Google AdWords costs money and\or time and is probably better suited for people selling stuff.
Some time in the future, I will try out Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook advertising and see if that works any better for me.

Until then, if you happen see my video promoted on YouTube, take a look at it! =)

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