Friday, August 5, 2011

Keep On by KanaraKante, RhymeZone

KanaraKante has released a song for episode 2.1 of "Adrenaline":

(YouTube embed is not working right now. I'll check this again later.)

This is the third vocalized song I have written. I was really looking forward it as I feel pop\hip-hop music is more up my aisle. It is also the first song I wrote using RhymeZone.

Before, I would have the entire alphabet, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWZ, written above the lyrics I'd be working on. Then I'd run through the alphabet and think of as many rhymes as I could: at, bat, cat, and so on. And then I would choose whatever of those words worked well.

But while working on this song, I found this site where all you have to do is type the word, and it will list tons of rhymes for you. Why the heck was I wasting time thinking of my own rhymes!? lol.

Check out the site at The website is very fast and has minimal ads (unlike most lyric websites, lol). A very cool feature is the "Find near rhymes" search; while it does a good job, there are still many "near rhymes" it misses.

We went through five versions of the song, purely adjusting only the volume levels and dynamic range compression. The first cut had a very tight but unnatural sounding level of DRC:

The final version had a toned down but better sounding level of DRC:

Yes, I do plan to explain what dynamic range compression is (for those that don't know) but will save it for a future blog post. In the meanwhile, check out this insanely detailed Wikipedia article.

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