Sunday, August 21, 2011

T-ara's Very "Mini" Mini-Album (rant-ish)

This is an example of the music industry ripping people off.

First off, I love the K-Pop group "T-ara" and their music (and will do a 5 Star post on them in the future). However, their newest "mini-album", which sells for $12 on YESASIA, is a complete rip-off:

It contains seven tracks which is okay for that price. However, only two songs are new. They're pretty good but not "$12 for two songs" good.

The other five tracks are "remixes" of all five songs from Temptastic. And by "remixes", I mean they are 90% the same as the original song but with a few seconds of new beats sprinkled around.

That's like buying a "bucket of gummies" at Disneyland but the bucket is 90% filled with confetti (true story).

I guess this mini-album would be worth it if you don't already have Temptastic, which btw sells for $18 on YESASIA. lol.

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