Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thank you Deep Explorer!

This is a guide\story about repairing corrupt 3D files.

Maya users are always telling me about their 3D files becoming corrupted. I've never had that problem with LightWave except for today. My program crashed while I was working on a model. However, the program was still open and half-functional so I made the foolish decision to save the model and then close the crashed program.

Big mistake.

I re-opened the program & model, and long & behold, it was corrupted!

(What the heck is this? This is supposed to be a full character!)

Hours of work gone, I thought! However, even though most of the model was missing when I opened it, the file was 470kb large meaning that the data was still there! It just needed to be repaired someway, somehow.

So here's what I did to try to repair it:
  1. Checked the LightWave temp folder for a backup copy (there was none).
  2. Opened the file in other 3D programs like Modo and Cinema 4D (open failed).
  3. Use un-delete software (didn't work for overwritten files).
I was about ready to give up and just make the whole model again. However, I read on a forum that someone was able to repair a LightWave file using Deep Exploration. So I downloaded the demo, installed it, crossed my fingers and opened my corrupted model...

My eyes popped out of my head; the file opened FLAWLESSLY! The entire mesh was there w\ all the material assignments. I then saved it as a new lwo file and got my girl back into LightWave.

Chizu-chan says「ありがとう」!

So if your 3D files ever get corrupted, fix it with Deep Exploration! The program supports tons of other 3D file formats and can do file conversions too.

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