Sunday, October 9, 2011

K-POP : 2NE1 5-Star Songs

This is my first "5-Star" post. In these segments, I will pick an artist\group and five songs I like from them. The songs will be ordered by release date and track number.

This being my first K-Pop post, who better to choose than... 2NE1!

Someone commented on a forum that they looked like they dress themselves in the dark.

If SNSD represents one end of the K-Pop spectrum (cutesy, bubblegum pop), then 2NE1 certainly represents the opposite end (electronic, hip pop).

The group is very big right now in Korea and throughout Asia. Their style is very edgy and represents one side of K-Pop which includes hip-pop beats, auto-tune, and rapping pop singers!

How I Discovered Their Music: I didn't know much about K-Pop back in 2010 (except for BoA and Ivy). On, I was listening to the J-Pop station which sometimes mixes in K-Pop tunes. When I heard 2NE1's music, I was thinking wow, what is this non-Japanese language? lol. But I was also thinking, wow, this music is really different & cool sounding.

Minzy, Bom, Dara, CL

- CL is the leader and mostly raps but does some singing as well.
- Minzy also often raps and does a bit more singing than CL.
- Dara often sings but does some auto-tuned spoken parts.
- Bom frequently sings the chorus and major vocal sections but occasionally does spoken parts.
- In my head, I group Minzy\CL together because they often rap and are quite young (17 and 20). And I group Bom\Dara because they often sing and are older (27 and 26).
- Languages some of the members can speak are Korean (obviously), English, Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, and French.

A song layout I've seen them use more than once is:
  • Verse 1st half = CL
  • Verse 2nd half = Minzy
  • Pre-chorus = Dara
  • Chorus = Bom
But they usually mix it up. CL rapping a verse and Bom singing the chorus is very common though.

Favorite Member

In this pic, her eyes remind me of my ex-gf's. =/

Sandara "Dara" Park is my favorite because of her career background, personality, and sound of her voice. Unfortunately many people, including her fans, say she is the weakest member of the group in terms of singing and dancing. And she isn't many people's favorite member either. Despite that, I still like her singing (but I do feel Bom is the best vocalist of the group).

In regards to her career background, before 2NE1 she was a singer, actress, and spokesperson in the Philippines. And she speaks Tagalog...

OMG, she sounds like a freaking Pinay.

And the last reason she's my favorite member is because... I kinda' like her smile. (^_^)

Anyways, on to the music...

DJ PJ's 2NE1 5-Star Songs (2009-2011)

 Pretty Boy 
The edgy beats go hand in hand with auto-tuned verses. But I LOVE when the contrasting, melodic vocals come in.

 Can't Nobody Some songs, you don't like at first but end up liking the more you hear it. For me, this song had the opposite effect. lol. However, I still list this song here because I think it's a good representation of 2NE1's style.

 Love is Ayaya 
I like how this song showcases each member's singing. In most of their songs, 2-4 of the members are auto-tuned and have only rapping\speaking parts.

★ You and I ★A solo track showcasing Park Bom's vocals. Makes me think of graduation-type music. lol.

★ I Am the Best ★
Although I like this song, I wouldn't say it was one of my top 5 fave's. However, like "Can't Nobody", this song was one of their hits and is a good representation of their style so I list it here.

But I do really like the layout of the song. In the first verse, each member singers four distinct melodies. In the second verse, the four melodies are repeated but by a different member.

Overall, this was a hard list to make as I had to leave out songs I loved. If you don't listen to K-Pop already, hopefully this post got you interested in the genre! However, I feel 2NE1's music only represents one style (out of three) of "K-Pop" music. I will cover more styles\artists in the future.

I can't look at this picture without smiling.

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