Friday, November 11, 2011

「二ヶ月前」Animation Production Notes

Finally, some new Adrenaline animation!

I know everyone is waiting for the next episode already. I'm currently working on another series so I figure I release this in the meanwhile.

There is one major improvement in the visuals compared to episode 1. Can you see it? 0:38 onwards shows it off quite nicely. The major improvement is... lens focusing!

In episode one, I only had lens focusing for the character scenes and not for the racing scenes. It's a long explanation why that was, but I found a good technique for pulling it off without adding any rendering times.

First, I render these images at the same time, and it doesn't add any extra rendering time to render a depth map image. Note image #1 has no lens focus. While LightWave (my program) supports lens focus, it takes extra time to render and also, I prefer Sony Vegas' version.

If I throw my render in Vegas and enable defocus, notice the effect is life-like and is reminiscent of photography or film. However, I don't want the whole image to be defocused, just the background buildings.

Using the depth map render (image #2) as a mask, we can isolate this effect to just the background. And with absolutely no extra rendering time, we've created a racing scene with full camera focus!

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  1. Interesting to see some behind the scenes stuff... I'd do masking techniques myself if my video software supported it. Well, technically it does but not without pixel trash. Its on my "needs upgraded/replaced" list.