Sunday, November 6, 2011

YouTube Friend Invite Spam

I have a somewhat active YouTube Channel, and so I get a lot of friend invites.

Some invites are from people that have a sincere interest in my channel. Additionally, we may exchange a few comments, and they may have some cool videos to share. These invites are legit; I appreciate and accept all of them.

Some invites, however, are just pure spam from people trying to promote their channel. They have no interest in your channel and send hundreds of invites a week to random people in hopes that a % watch their videos and subscribe.

Check out the subscribers and friends of someone who spammed me:

For every 40 friend adds, they get 1 sucker to subscribe. This guy has about 40k friends; I wonder how many invites he has sent out? 400k? 4,000k?

Check out his channel comments:

99% of the comments are along the lines of "thanks for the invite" and "thanks for the add". lol.

Listen, I'm all for promoting yourself and your work. But does invite spamming make you any less of a douche than email spammers? What if everyone who had a YouTube channel did this? How annoying would that be?

Whenever I get invite spams, I just ignore them. I'm very tempted to leave a hateful message on their channel but... that's not going to do anyone any good.

I think if we all ignored these invites, they'll see it doesn't work and stop spamming. And then they'll have more time to do something more productive: make YouTube videos!


  1. Yeah I get those too and they are annoying. I get a lot of comments on my website as well in the form of german/polish spam (which is fortunately automatically filtered)... I can't even read these advertisements come on!

  2. I hope YT does something about it. If a user is sending 100's of invites a week, that should instantly set off a red flag to them.

    lol at the German/Polish spam. I wonder what keywords on your site are attracting those spam bots?