Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food in San Francisco

Whenever I eat out, I take a picture of my food. Friends always ask me why. I tell them that if the food is poisoned and I die, the police have a record of the last thing I ate in my phone's pictures.

Of course, the real reason I take pictures of food is so I can share it on my blog. (^_^)

So here's a select few from the last couple of months:

All you can eat at Moonstar. Big ass buffet place. Tons of Asian food. Long wait time to get seating.

Loco Moco @ L&L Hawaiian Barbecue. Good place for inexpensive BBQ w\ rice + macaroni salad.

At Pizza Hut, always get "pan fried" crust. It has a fun, crispy, oily taste that separates it from other pizza places.

Bibimbap @ Dong Baek. Around $11-$12. Your rice is crispy if you get it in clay pot. Hard to eat with chopsticks. lol.

Whopper. Often sloppily made, but it all tastes the same in my mouth.

Angus Burger from McDonald's. Pretty good and almost worth the price.

Indian food. Don't remember the place, but it was delicious and inexpensive. Also... VERY SPICY! To quote Lisa Simpson, "I can see through time!"

Nothing like a San Francisco burrito. And I can't eat a burrito without tortilla chips.

Donburi. とてもおいしかった。

Whenever we do stuff in downtown, we usually go to Lori's Diner, and I usually get Lori's Signature Burger. Burger + garlic fries + drink + tax + tip = $20. Meaning these pictures cost me $100! Ouch!

Roundhouse Buck @ Buckhorn Grill. The best tasting meat you can find at a fast food-ish place. My ex introduced me to place, and now I go there whenever I can. Of course, not with my ex. lol.

House rice at New Ming's. When I was in art school, my friends and I always ate here after classes. Cheap price, very good taste and selection. Lunch special is the best: 2 items + fried rice for like $6.

Jack in the Box. West coast fast food chain. I had a good view of downtown pedestrians. They had a good view of my meal.

Shabu shabu @ Bushi-Tei in Japantown. $32 a person. We had a going-away outing. That was a fun night. Price was worth it.

Subway after work. This is the healthiest food that I eat. =)

The one time we went to Lori's and didn't get the signature burger.

Buffet at a Mexican restaurant out of the city. Best meat ever.

Indonesian food from a festival. My first time. Very good flavor. Quite spicy.

At SF Center, Ajisen Ramen replaced Steak Escape (I used to always eat there). This ramen place looks fast foody, but the price and taste is like a restaurant. And they sit you down.

And I saved the best for last...

I'm never not in the mood for a Big Mac meal. =P

Eh, I shouldn't have put this together because it's made me freaking hungry.

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