Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scam : Domain Name Expiration Notice

If you own a website with it's own domain name, you will receive these shameless scams. Here's one I frequently get in the mail:

At first glance, it looks like a bill, and your website will disappear if you don't pay. The company's name "Domain Registry of America" makes it seem like it's from the government or something. But it's NOT a bill, you DON'T have to pay, and you SHOULDN'T pay.

What makes this a scam:
  1. The price. $35 for one-year domain renewal is 350% the industry price.
  2. The way it looks. They try to make this look like a bill that you have to pay. While they do state it's not a bill (to cover their butts), it's only stated in the fine print.

Here are some email examples:

This one is even more shameless because they're charging $75, and they state "your order has been received" which is an outright lie.

And one more:

How to Legitimately Renew Your Domain

The truth is, your domain name does expire, and you do have to renew it every year. When the time comes, the company where you originally bought the domain will contact you. Renew with THIS company.

So to renew your domain:
  1. Only renew when the company you bought the domain or hosting from contacts you.
  2. Pay the $10 for one year renewal (.com, .net, or .org). If it's more, the company is ripping you off.