Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's Siheung?

For the time being, Siheung (시흥) is my home. Located just outside of Seoul, the small city is considered a Korean suburb.

But in Korea when you think of "suburb", don't think grass lawns and picket fences. Think tons of apartment buildings and businesses packed in a small area. I hear Siheung pales in comparison to the major Korean cities, but I still love it. The air is cleaner than a big city, and I can find about everything I need just around the corner.

Here are some pictures I took my first weekend in Korea:

Love the snow! San Francisco doesn't get snow.

I live on top of a Math school that's on top of a car shop.

Plaza where you can find my work, McDonald's, Lotteria, and Baskin-Robbins.

Apartments with nature surroundings. I love it!

I don't want to know.

The only public garbage I've ever seen in Korea... no lie.

Giant building at the end of the street is a church... no lie.

Only stray animal I've ever seen in Korea.

Buildings of my town.


This bridge is so Asian.

Love the balance of this view.

Probably looks better if the water was turned on.

Every business has a neon sign.

Fight that broke out. I hear that in Korean fights, nothing really happens.

With all the new stuff I was experiencing, I needed to have something familiar...

Good ol' Western cuisine!

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  1. The place looks very alien to me (heh, maybe inspiration for my own work). Here in Ohio... lit signs and neon are pretty rare, there is no vibrance or color here. It's kinda like the middle of nowhere around here.

    Was wondering when you were going to post some more pics from your big move to Korea. Thanks for sharing!