Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Incheon Adventure

I haven't been to Incheon much. I usually go to Seoul. If you don't know, Incheon is the 3rd most populated city in Korea with 2.7 million people. To put that in perspective, New York and Los Angeles are the only two American cities with a larger population than Incheon.

In Incheon, I stopped by two places: the Incheon Bus Terminal and the Songdo International Business District.

Incheon Bus Terminal

Some apartments on the bus ride there. Tall apartment buildings are EVERYWHERE in Korea.

Plaza where I got off the bus. Typical Korean-styled buildings. Lots of great restaurants and small businesses here.

I had some time to kill before meeting up my friend so I decided to look around...

Everyone's waiting for the bus.

Shinsegae is like the Macy's of Korea.

On the top floor of department stores, they always have the nice restaurants:

I took a quick glance at the prices. They were about $30 and up. That's too much for a meal I was going to eat alone. lol. I exited Shinsegae and went next door...

I thought this was going to be a giant H&M! Unfortunately, just a small section of the first floor was H&M...

...and it was just women's clothing. =/

I headed to the food court in the basement. This place was AMAZING. Tons of people and cool food places:

Japanese food on Japanese-styled conveyor belts!

Each plate has something, and they're always moving. Just grab what you want.

I wanted to eat here. However, I couldn't figure out how the heck you ordered food. I circled around the entire "kiosk" twice and didn't see any register or person taking orders.

Now this place was really cool...

First, you order food here. It's like you're buying an airline ticket. They then give you a pager.

Just behind them is place where you can wash your hands and get utensils or tissue.

Anyways, when your pager buzzed, you picked up your food at one of these pickup zones. There are three in this picture, and there were about eight total. They're separated by food categories.

I was tempted to eat here just for the novelty of it, but I was afraid I would mess up a step somewhere. So I continued walking...

Yes, these were Koreans making kebabs. Kebabs are quite popular in Korea. I always eat them in Hongdae.

Anyways, I ended up eating at Osaka Grill. Unlike that other kiosk place, this one had a cash register.

My pager.

Time to eat! It was $9. Only the miso soup tasted Japanese-like. The rest tasted like Korean food.

Finally, it was time to meet my friend, and we headed off to our next location.

Songdo Central Park

Songdo is a new district of Korea designated for international trade. You can tell its new because everything looks so clean and futuristic. At the same time, it feels a bit isolated: like a mini-city placed in the middle of an empty field.

We met another friend here to check out a flea market that was happening in Central Park (also new). However, looking at women's clothing all day wasn't really my cup of tea, and so I departed from them to take photos of the area.

These buildings were beautiful and modern but at the same time, so odd. Tall buildings are always surrounded by other tall buildings; you never see tall buildings standing by themselves. They felt like towers.

Busy day at the flea market. It wasn't much different from an American flea market or garage sale.

A larger shot of the flea market.

The buildings are always watching you!

Another flea market area separated from the lake.

Unsurprisingly, these fountains were bone-dry.

Crazy buildings. Crazy bridge.

It's like the lake leads to the edge of the world.

So strange just to see one giant building.

This is a bathroom!

They should build a mini-golf course around here.

This would be a good location for a music video. lol.

I wanted to take closer shots of this structure, but some people were hanging out there.

A closed off area for deer.


Across the water from the flea market.

My friends really liked this shot.

This guy must be waving to his long lost love.

I've found a new background image for my computer. =)

Even at 5:00, the flea market was still very active.

At Central Park subway station. Time to head back to Seoul!

Incheon is not far from Seoul, but it has a different vibe: clean, spacious, and relaxed. I love Seoul, but... I will be visiting Incheon again. =)

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