Friday, August 30, 2013

Every Cell Phone I Have Ever Owned

I haven't written on this blog in awhile. I've been busy. Also, I forgot I had a blog!

Anyways, I present to you every cell phone I have ever owned:

#1. Motorola StarTAC

Actually, I never owned this phone, but my mom did and I borrowed it on occasion. This was back in the days when pagers were all the rage. In retrospect, pagers seemed so silly. All you could receive was a numeric message through pager code ("07734" would mean "hello"). Also, to leave this numeric message, you had to call the person's pager from a pay phone or home phone.

Anyways, back to this phone. It had a simple LCD display. The phone itself was quite small and lightweight, and the design still looks good today in my opinion.

#2. Samsung A840

The first cell phone I could call my own! I was a relative late bloomer when it came to cell phone ownership. At this time, phone cameras were the newest thing so I opted for one although I initially thought the idea was silly. The camera was pretty basic and took small, slightly blurry, colored photos.

I had this phone when I was in City College and played with it a lot before and after classes. I remember buying a special hacking USB cable that would allow me to transfer games and other applications. The phone wasn't the fastest but was fun enough for me because of the software I loaded up on it.

This phone was one step above the basic level of phones. It was quite small and attractive in my opinion. I used it for about two years when my carrier (Sprint) offered me a free upgrade.

#3. LG Muziq

This phone I received as a free upgrade if I agreed to extend my contract for 2-years. Although touted as a "music phone", I chose it mainly for it's looks. I really liked the glossy casing and sleek, flat sides.

As a music player, it actually sucked. It was slow choosing, changing, and loading songs although the sound quality was fine. It did support mini SD cards. Other than the crappy music player, I really liked this phone. The screen was larger and had a better resolution. The hardware was faster and could support basic 3D games. And although the phone was slightly larger than my older one, the parts were really slim and lightweight. This phone, with it's slim profile, sometimes felt like a blade in my hands.

I got this phone during a hard time during my life when I was having relationship problems with a long-term girlfriend. Therefore, if I were to pick up this phone today and play around with it, it would remind me of those times.

I ended up using this phone for 3 years even though I could've gotten an upgrade a year earlier. It was mainly out of procrastination that I did not change phones right away.

#4. LG Rumor Touch

At this time, smart phones like the iPhone and Galaxy S were already out, but I wasn't quite ready for a smart phone (nor did I have a need or even have the money for one). However, this phone would be my first touch phone. It had a really cool slide out keyboard which made texting REALLY easy and would make me quit T9 texting forever. And although the touchscreen didn't have the best response, it was really cool to press buttons and play with menus by touching the screen.

This phone was slightly bulkier than my previous phones but still, very easy to pocket. And I really enjoyed the sound the keyboard made every time I slid it out; it was like cocking a weapon.

Despite having better hardware, this phone actually sucked for games. Most java games at this time were designed for a keypad which this phone lacked. Additionally, the few java touch games available for it were not great.

I used this phone for about a year when I was finishing my time at the Academy of Art University. I also used this phone when I was running around San Francisco as an after school chess teacher. Even though I had one year left on this phone before an upgrade, I ended up moving to Korea.

#5. Samsung Galaxy SII
Talk about a HUGE upgrade! I have never owned a smartphone before yet was switching to Samsung's flagship phone. When I moved to Korea, I knew I needed a smart phone as I didn't want to be stuck somewhere without a map, internet, or translation software. The school I worked phone gave me this phone as I requested a smart phone. To be honest, I didn't know anything about smart phones, and if they had given me an iPhone, I would probably be an iPhone user today.

I couldn't believe how big the screen was or that I could access the internet anytime I wanted. Once you start using a smartphone, you will never go back. It's like having a computer with you everywhere.

This phone will always remind me of my first year in Korea and all the adventures that I had. The included camera takes gorgeous photos and videos and has helped me keep a record of all I have experienced here. And countless times I have used the map and GPS to get me to where I needed to go.

#6. SKY Vega LTE

This Korean market only phone was given to me for free from my school since they had it laying around. It had a bigger, sharper screen than my previous phone and faster hardware. The display looked gorgeous although the colors seemed a bit less saturated.

However, I only kept it for a month.

It had an annoying hardware problem where the battery would drain 1% for each minute of use. Hence, it wouldn't last for an hour and a half of continual use. Even when I bought a new battery, the problem still persisted.

After experiencing this phone's gorgeous display, I couldn't go back to my SII so I upgraded again.

#7. Samsung Galaxy S4
This is my current phone, and I have never owned a phone so new. This phone was maybe released just one or two months ago when I first got it. My main concern was would it be too big to fit in my pocket, however, it ended up not being a problem. I'm so used to this phone, when I look at my SII's screen, it seems tiny!

I remember getting it at my local phone shop in Korea. It was a bit difficult, but I tried my best to speak Korean and the salesperson tried his best to speak English and in the end, we got a deal done.

This phone is everything the Galaxy SII was for me but MUCH better. And thankfully, it will be my phone for the next two years while I am in Korea.

Something I've noticed is that all the phones I have ever owned were Korean-made (Samsung or LG) and had a black base for a color. I didn't plan it that way; it just happened to be that way.

Anyways, I will leave you with a picture of my last three phones:

As for the three phones I had before... they are living in America. =)

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